Inside Star Trek: The Real Story is a first-person reference work chronicling the production of The Original Series by series co-producer Robert H. Justman and executive in charge of production Herbert F. Solow. It was first published in 1996.

Publisher's description[edit | edit source]

Paperback back cover
In the spring of 1964, a rumpled, soft-spoken ex-cop named Gene Roddenberry walked into the office of Herbert F. Solow, the new head of production at Desilu Studios. Roddenberry presented an idea for a new science fiction television series called Star Trek. Immediately seeing the show's potential, Solow struck a script development deal with Roddenberry on the spot. Soon, Solow and Roddenberry brought Robert H. Justman on board and together the three men embarked on an incredible odyssey that would make television history.
Inside Star Trek is a comprehensive look at the development and life of a television and cultural phenomenon. It is also the story no one else could tell. Between them, Solow and Justman had a hand in virtually every aspect of the development and production of Star Trek – from the battles with NBC and the internal conflicts with studio executives to the behind-the-scenes decisions about actors and their characters, writers, scripts, directors, budgets, and the endless details of weekly television production.
At last, here is the simple, fascinating and accurate account of a unique television series launched against astronomical odds – a series that transported millions of viewers into another world and into an unprecedented, thirty-year, multimedia, multibillion-dollar cultural phenomenon.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Who Are They?
  • Preface
  • Prologue: Riding the Red-Eye
  • Act One: Genesis: The Two Pilots
    • 1. The Back Story: Boy, Could He Tap-Dance
    • 2. A Dreamer of Dreams
    • 3. Get on Board, Li'l Chilun
    • 4. Magic Time: The First Pilot
    • 5. The Good Witch of the East
    • 6. Magic Time Revisited: The Second Pilot
    • 7. Strange New Worlds
    • 8. The Key to the Asylum
  • Act Two: The First Season: A Struggle For Life
    • 9. Another Fine Mess
    • 10. And Then I Wrote
    • 11. New Faces of 1966: The Actors
    • 12. These Are the Voyages: The First Season
    • 13. Haute Couture
    • 14. Gene's Genes
    • 15. Who's on First? The Pecking Order
    • 16. Flirting with Disaster
    • 17. Running on Empty
    • 18. On the Edge of Forever: Waiting for Harlan
  • Act Three: Death and Transfiguration: The Second and Third Seasons
    • 19. Saved by the Bell
    • 20. Money, Money, Money
    • 21. A Shoe Drops: The Second Season
    • 22. If They Give You Any Trouble, Screw Them!
    • 23. First, the Good News: The Final Season
  • Act Four: Rebirth: Star Trek Lives!
    • 24. Reborn in Reruns
    • 25. All Our Yesterdays
  • Epilogue: Live Long and Prosper
  • Acknowledgments
  • Authors' Biographies
  • Index

References[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

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Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

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Locations[edit | edit source]

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Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

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States and organizations[edit | edit source]

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Science and technology[edit | edit source]

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Ranks and titles[edit | edit source]

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Episodes and films[edit | edit source]

The Original SeriesThe Animated SeriesPhase IIThe Next GenerationDeep Space NineVoyager
The Original Series episodes 
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Film, TV and literature[edit | edit source]

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Timeline[edit | edit source]

Production history[edit | edit source]

1 June 1996
First published in hardcover (Pocket Books)
First released as an audiobook (Simon and Schuster Audioworks)
1 June 1997 
First published in paperback (Pocket Books)
1 July 1998 
Published as a German hardcover (Heyne Verlag)
3 November 1998 
Video adaptation released in America on VHS
25 November 1999 
Video adaptation released in Japan on VHS

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