Insurrection Alpha was a holonovel created by Lieutenant Tuvok in early 2371. He created the program in the weeks following the stranding of the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant and the former Maquis crew coming aboard. The aim of the program was to act as a training scenario for his security teams to prepare for an attempted Maquis take-over of Voyager. However, following the incident with the Dresh, Tuvok decided that the program would cause more tension aboard Voyager instead of decreasing it, so deleted the program with only 1/3 completed. (VOY short story: "Command Code")

Shortly before she left Voyager to join the Kazon-Nistrim, Ensign Seska managed to create a back-up copy of the scenario, and reprogrammed it to act as a trap for Tuvok the next time he accessed or edited it. This remained undiscovered until late 2373, when Lt. Tom Paris began to access the program so that he could finish it. (VOY episode: "Worst Case Scenario")

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