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Intel science destroyer.

At warp.

The intel science destroyer was a Federation intel starship, a science vessel-destroyer hybrid class in Section 31 and Starfleet service in the 2250s and 2410s decades. Vessels of the class were rated tier 6. (STO website: The Section 31 Lock Box)

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History and specifications[]

In 2257, a vessel of this type, the NCIA-93, was used by Captain Leland of Section 31. His crewmates included Philippa Georgiou, former Emperor of the Terran Empire. (DSC episode: "Point of Light")

The rogue artificial intelligence Control corrupted the body of Kamran Gant and used it to turn the NI-1101 into a trap for Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Spock. (DSC episode: "Through the Valley of Shadows")

A week following the eruption of TL-9139 that forced Starfleet to abandon Yard 39 and its fleet of ships there in 2259, a Section 31 intel science destroyer, the USS Samedi, attempted to recover these assets but was left abandoned.

In 2410, the double agent Lieutenant Michelle Rautert secretly investigated Yard 39, apparently unbeknownst to her official superiors at Starfleet Intelligence and unofficial allies at Section 31. However, Franklin Drake dispatched Agent Jamok to apprehend Rautert aboard the vessel. Rautert incapacitated Jamok and advised her SI contact Lieutenant Commander Kyla VanZyl of USS Voyager of her findings. (STO - Rise of Discovery short story: "Triple Cross")

The Section 31 weapon pack contained in a Section 31 lock box offered by the Lobi Crystal Consortium sometimes included a Section 31 shield. Equipping such a vanity shield on any Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship changed that ship's visuals to resemble the aesthetics of an intel science destroyer. (STO website: The Section 31 Lock Box)

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