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An ancient predator stalks the starship EnterpriseIntellivore is a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by Diane Duane. It was published in April 1997, the 45th book in Pocket Books' series of numbered TNG novels, and Duane's first original full-length novel story about the series.


The Great Rift lies between the Sagittarius and Orion arms of the galaxy. Stars are scarce there, beyond the authority of the Federation, and legends abound of lost civilizations and of ancient monsters that prey on those who dare to venture into the vast darkness between the stars.
When several ships and colonies mysteriously disappear into the Rift, the USS Enterprise leads an expedition to investigate various disturbing reports. Accompanied by two other Federation starships, Picard and his fellow captains discover a bizarre menace of unimaginable power. And the only way to trap this destructive entity is to use the Enterprise as bait.



Jean-Luc PicardWilliam RikerDataWorfGeordi La ForgeBeverly CrusherDeanna TroiIleen MaiselFarrellThorssonSaeo UristilaenGohod ClifFrances PickupClif symbiontStorennan Grace

Starships and vehicles

SS BorealUSS ConstellationUSS Enterprise-DUSS MarignanoUSS OraidheUSS PathfinderUSS PhoenixMarie Celeste


1020 Octantis11 Lacerti123 Trianguli127 Scorpii1440 Ophiuchi B V1616 Ophiuchi VI1616 Ophiuchi1865 Serpens22 Ophiuchi29 Persei334 Scorpii60 OphiuchiAlphecca IVAlpheccaAX AraeB HydriBeta Ophiuchi VIBeta OphiuchiBeta QuadrantChi ScorpiiEarth (St. VeranPointe des MarcellettesAigue BlanchePic TraversierHauts-AlpesQueyras rangeMarbreTête de LongetPic de CaramantranBelvedere la Cirque) • ErrigalThird Submission ColonyGreat RiftintellivoreKepler's StarV843 OphiuchiOrion ArmPentarus VSagittarius ArmStarbase 44Trill (Ayai'leh-hirhIlrienhMount ArkenNoraikgheOraidheSethe) • NGC 4258

Races and cultures

Referenced only
DisarruiEnserInfarretIruheKlingonRomulanUnnamed races and culturesVulcan

States and organizations

DahnaTrill Private ServiceUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

2371Dyan fin-crabfeather-apegeobondgelatinilrienhnoraikgheplanet-cracker bombsethe


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The insignia used throughout TNG has its last chronological appearance in regular use here, and is replaced by a newer one in DS9 episode: "The Search".




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