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An intercooler is a component of technology commonly found in the construction of starships. 23rd century Federation ships commonly were fitted with vital intercooler assemblies. In particular, such systems included plasma intercoolers, and when operated as a network, were referred to as an intercooler matrix.


On the warp nacelles of class I starships in Starfleet service, a pair of intercoolers were fitted in protrusions near the aft end of the nacelle assembly. This particular intercooler was known as the final stage intercooler. (ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

In the 23rd century, Kloratis Drives had dedicated part of their Warp Technologies Division to the contruction of systems that included intercoolers. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

Intercooler matrix technology is a feature of Jem'Hadar attack ships. In the year 2375, the Cardassian Rebellion set a bomb in such a Jem'Hadar ship's intercooler, even though Kira Nerys had instructed them to rig the secondary plasma relay instead. (DS9 episode: "Tacking Into the Wind")



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