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In an alternate timeline, the Interstellar Coalition was a political union formed between the governments of Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, Denobula, Coridan III and others, following the successful strike by Terra Prime against the negotiations for the Coalition of Planets in 2155. This union was formed in part due to the continued efforts of Captain Jonathan Archer, and was formalized at Babel in 2161.

The Interstellar Coalition was a major rival of United Earth for many years, and the two engaged in numerous trade wars and border skirmishes. However, both powers temporarily allied in a war against the Klingon Empire in the 2240s, and joint forces fought at the Battle of Donatu V. In 2264, United Earth petitioned to join the Interstellar Coalition. (Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel: A Less Perfect Union)


planet/system state species admitted notes
Alpha V United Earth Commonwealth Colonies colony Humans circa 2264 Admitted alongside UECC.
Andoria Andorian Empire Andorians, Aenar 2161 Founding member.
Babel diplomatic site 2161 Place of founding.
Cait Caitians before 2264 Serving in Coalition Space Command.
Coridan III People's Republic of Coridan Coridanites before 2264 Member with trading value.
Denobula Denobulans 2161 Founding member.
Earth United Earth Commonwealth Colonies Humans circa 2264 Former cold-war enemy. Negotiated entry.
Epsilon Canaris III United Earth Commonwealth Colonies colony Humans (Canarans) circa 2264 Admitted alongside UECC.
Edos Edoans before 2264 Serving in Space Command.
Efros Delta Efrosians before 2264 Serving in Space Command.
Grazer Grazerites before 2264 Recent member as of 2264.
Janus V before 2264 Mining colony with trading value.
Ithen Ithenites before 2264 Serving in Babel Orbital Control.
Kazar Kazarites before 2264 Ambassador present at Babel Summit
Ktaris Ktarians before 2264 Ambassador present at Babel Summit.
Luna United Earth Commonwealth Colonies colony Humans circa 2264 Admitted alongside UECC.
Mars Martian Colonies, Commonwealth Colonies Humans (Martians) circa 2264 Admitted alongside UECC.
P'Jem Confederacy of Vulcan Vulcans 2161 Former site of a monastery and listening post.
Rhaandaran Rhaandarites before 2264 Recent member as of 2264.
Sauria Global League Saurians before 2240s Fought in the war against Klingons.
Tellar United Planets of Tellar Tellarites 2161 Founding member.
Weytahn (Paan Mokar) Andorian Empire colony Andorians 2161 Joined alongside AE.
Vulcan Confederacy of Vulcan Vulcans 2161 Founding member.
Zalda Zaldans before 2264 Present at Babel Summit.



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