Into the Nebula was the 36th novel of the Pocket Books numbered series of Star Trek: The Next Generation books, written by Gene DeWeese and released in July 1995.


While exploring an unknown region of space, the USS Enterprise encounters a strange nebular dust. Upon further investigation, they discover a planet called Krantin on which the plant and animal life, as well as the civilization, are dying.
A series of explosions and a ship that simply disappears into thin air lead the crew to believe another group is causing the devastation of the planet. The leader of the planet's society, however, is wary of trusting the starship Enterprise crewmembers, and has the away team arrested. With time running out, Data must find a way to save his crewmates or watch as two worlds are destroyed.



Beverly CrusherCurtis (Ensign)DataDenbahrKhozakKoralusGeordi La ForgeJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerThompson (Ensign)Deanna TroiWorfZalkan

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USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer)



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field-effect suitstarship

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governmentnation-statenebularaces and culturessciencetechnologyweapon



Into the Nebula unused art

Unused cover art.

  • For whatever reason, a piece of artwork designed by Keith Birdsong to run as this book's cover was unused, and an alternate painting was instead printed.
  • This was the last TNG numbered novel to feature the "title band", with the title between two thin lines, which had been in use since Ghost Ship. The next book, #37 The Last Stand, introduced a slightly different cover style where the lines were a rainbow, and one of the lines was just under the TNG logo, and the other line was just above the author's name.
  • This book was translated for a German language edition by Heyne-Verlag as the 48th book in their TNG series. When the translation rights for new TNG material moved to Cross Cult, Heyne issued eBook versions of all their previously translated material, including this novel.




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