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USS Intrepid (NX-07) was a 22nd century Federation starship, an NX-class vessel in the service of United Earth Starfleet, and later Federation Starfleet, in the 2160s decade. Lambert heard rumors that the ship was due to receive a new registry number, NCC-07. Intrepid was also scheduled to receive a major upgrade to accommodate a warp 6 engine. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable from Magic)


Intrepid replaced Intrepid NV-01, which was still active in 2159. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

In the year 2161, shortly after the end of the Earth-Romulan War, the Intrepid was undergoing repairs to her hull in deep space near star system G-231 when Captain Jason Lambert—on the hull in an EV suit overseeing repairs—observed a flare nearby. In the process of reporting a possible Romulan minefield to Starfleet, communications were abruptly cut off.

Being the closest ship, the Ni'Var was dispatched by Admiral Sean Collins to investigate the sudden loss of the NX-07. Other than the corpses of Roland Brazzi, Georges Toussaint, Anna Byelev, Yukio Kawazana, and parts of the hull, the crew of the Ni'Var were unable to find the cause of the Intrepid's disappearance or why there was a lack of other debris.

It was later soon concluded that Intrepid fell victim to an undetected Romulan minefield.

Intrepid had been caught in the pull of trans-slipstream, during which time was accelerated so much that the ship aged two-and-a-half thousand years, and stranded 200 light-years away in the Agni Cluster.

In 2383, the NX-07 was found by the USS Enterprise-E, and Starfleet dispatched the USS Challenger to recover the ancient NX-class vessel. DaiMon Bok and Berlinghoff Rasmussen took the ship over and tried to travel into the 22nd century, so that Rasmussen could "pre-invent" future technology, and Bok prevent the death of his son. The Challenger was unable to stop Intrepid, and overpowered its slingshot so much that the NX-class ship disintegrated upon reaching the Big Bang. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable from Magic)

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