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Inverness was a Federation colony. It was named after Inverness.

It was quite isolated, though in the 23rd century the colony had a starport and a police force. In the wilderness beyond the colony were animals called kossets, which some of the people of Inverness trapped and skinned for an occupation.

Ian Mackenzie was born here and became a kosset trapper, but suspicions arose that he poached his skins from other trappers, and murdered those who caught him red-handed. While Mackenzie was visiting the colony's starport, a police officer attempted to question him over the accusations. In response, Mackenzie attacked him, and fled aboard an Orion trading vessel. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

By the name and Mackenzie's description and Scottish accent, it seems likely that Inverness was settled by Scots. It is not clear if "Inverness" is the name of the planet or only the colony.
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