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Iowa is a region of the North American continent on the planet Earth, with boundaries that were created as the area was settled as a geopolitical subdivision of the United States of America nation.


Iowa is located in the north central area of the United States. The eastern border of Iowa was the Mississippi River, and the western border was in part comprised of the Missouri River.

Iowa was the home of the Kirk family. Captain James T. Kirk was originally from Iowa, having been born in the town of Riverside on 22 March 2233. (TOS novels: Final Frontier, Spectre; TOS movie: The Voyage Home; TOS comic: "The Ashes of Eden")

Jefferson, Iowa held a Federation Starfleet facility that was prepared as of 2256 to build more Crossfield class vessel's with spore drives after the USS Discovery's successes. (DSC episode: "Choose Your Pain")

Craig Kirk was visiting relatives in Iowa when his mother and father were killed by neural parasites on Deneva. Following the incident Craig decided to stay in Iowa where he worked as an engineer and lived on a farm. He had a family; a daughter, and a son - Sinjin Kirk. (TNG video game: Away Team)

The Federation starships USS Iowa and the Iowa-class of vessels were named for this state.

Benjamin Sisko taught Jake Sisko about baseball in a holographic recreation of an Iowa cornfield. (DS9 novel: The Pet)

Alternate universes[]

In one alternate timeline, George Kirk's family had remained in Iowa rather than settling on Deneva. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: A Less Perfect Union)

Alternate realities[]

In the Kelvin timeline, a Federation Starfleet shipbuilding facility existed in Riverside, Iowa. The USS Enterprise was put together there and the location from which James T. Kirk was recruited into Starfleet by Christopher Pike. (TOS movie: Star Trek)


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