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This page details a counterpart of Irina Galliulin in the Kelvin timeline; for the Irina Galliulin in the primary universe see Irina Galliulin.

Irina Galliulin was a 23rd century Russian Human woman who served in the Federation Starfleet in the Kelvin timeline.


Before the destruction of Vulcan, Galliulin met fellow Russian cadet Pavel Chekov at Starfleet Academy prior to his assignment aboard the USS Enterprise.

Following the attack on San Francisco, she then came on board the Enterprise. Galliulin then met up with Chekov on one of the observation decks. Before Chekov left the room, she offered to help the lieutenant with his "V"s and that she would see him again. (TOS - Behemoth comic: "Part 1")

After being in the Delta Quadrant for 50 days, Galliulin then worked with Chekov on using the replicator to supply the ship with dilithium. (TOS - Eurydice comic: "Part 1")



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