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Irvin Domberwicky was a 23rd century Human man. He was a sociologist and anthropologist who served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.


Domberwicky was a honest person, unable to lie convincingly and easy for others to read, even to those of non-Earth cultures. Because he was regarded as harmless, he was accepted as a cultural observer, an asset for an anthropologist. He sometimes seemed oblivious to the motivations of those of his own culture and could become single-minded.

Prior to 2261, Domberwicky was a sociologist at the Vestalan botanical collections station, where he studied the indigenous Hualan culture and managed Starfleet relations with the native population. He served there with staff physician Christine Chapel and the renowned Doctor Roger Korby.

Later in the 2260s, Domberwicky joined the socioanthropology staff of the USS Enterprise.

In 2269, Chapel and Domberwicky revisited Vestalan when the Enterprise was sent to resolve a trading dispute among the natives that led to injuries and deaths for some station personnel. Shortly after arriving in orbit, Kirk sent Domberwicky ahead to appraise the natives' status. When Chapel and Kirk left the station to meet with him, however, the two were kidnapped by drunk natives for a religious ritual involving several coatl snakes in a kiva pit. Domberwicky successfully negotiated for Chapel's release, but he thought Kirk was probably dead already. At Chapel's insistence, he translated Chapel's bet to the natives that she could rescue Kirk without being bitten and armed only with a knife, and they accepted. Aided by the Luna-like gravity of Vestalan, Chapel succeeded. Domberwicky's report stated that Kirk's survival was interpreted by high priests as a good omen.

Starfleet temporarily reassigned Domberwicky to the station to maintain positive relations with the natives. (TOS - The New Voyages 2 short story: "Snake Pit!")



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