For the Bajoran collaborator who assumed Ishan's identity, please see Baras Rodirya

Ishan Anjar was a Bajoran male who was active in the Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.


In the year 2369, following an attack on the Olanda labor camp on Jevalan, Ishan Anjar was captured by the Cardassian Guard. Following his capture, Ishan was interrogated by Gil Rakan Urkar. Baras Rodirya, who had been with Ishan, was interrogated alongside him. Baras was actually a collaborator working for Gul Pavok. After Ishan was executed in front of the camp's prisoners, Gil Urkar had the two men's identities swapped—the public was informed that Baras Rodirya had died while Baras assumed Ishan's identity. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

Using Ishan's identity, Baras became heavily involved in the politics of his homeworld following the liberation later that year. In 2384, Baras managed to be elected Federation Councillor from the Republic of Bajor under Ishan's name. (ST - The Fall novel: Revelation and Dust)

He maintained his deception with assistance from Galif jav Velk of Tellar, a former businessman turned political operative who used his influence in the Federation Security Agency to prevent Baras's usurpation of Ishan's identity from being detected.

In 2385, Baras had Federation President Nanietta Bacco assassinated, and was named Federation President Pro Tempore -- still using Ishan Anjar's name. He then began campaigning to be elected to fill the remainder of Bacco's term.

Several weeks after the assassination the deception was finally uncovered by Doctor Beverly Crusher and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Baras Rodirya's theft of Ishan Anjar's name was exposed and he was arrested in front of the Federation Council by Federation Attorney General Phillipa Louvois. Baras was charged with violating the oath of office, the full faith and confidence of the citizens of the Federation, purposeful misrepresentation, complicity in the mistreatment and murder of Bajorans during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, and conspiracy to assassinate President Bacco. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

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