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Ishmael is a Star Trek: TOS novel by Barbara Hambly.


The Enterprise is on a peaceful mission at Starbase 12 when a bizarre cosmic phenomenon causes a Klingon ship to suddenly vanish — with Spock aboard for the ride. Spock's last message from the Klingon ship is cryptic and frightening. The Klingons are travelling into the past, searching for the one man who holds a vital key to the future. If they can kill that man, the course of history will be changed — and the Federation will be destroyed!



Jason Bolt (19th century)Jeremy BoltJoshua BoltBummerPavel ChekovRoland Francis ClanceyBiddy CloomElizabeth DarrowDonnellySarah GayGildenLottie HatfieldKaty HoytMaria KelloggKhin KhlaruKillianJames T. KirkLazarus (dog)Robin ManderlyLeonard McCoySheila MeyersNch'rthJoshua NortonO'Shaughnessy (19th century)Candy PruittReilleyMontgomery ScottSheila (sister)Wu SinSpockAurelia SteinerAaron StempleElizabeth StempleHikaru SuluTrae of VulcanisNyota UhuraDulcie Wainrightunnamed Gwirinthansunnamed Hokasunnamed Kzinti
Referenced only
John BoltBoogiemanJulius CaesarT'ung ChihDavid (uncle)DevilCharles DickensThe Doctor (Time Lord)Harlan EllisonFateFranklin (uncle)GodUlysses S. GrantAmanda GraysonGuardian of ForeverSherlock HolmesJules HomeTzu HsiJesus ChristEdith KeelerKhorad, son of N'garLarkin (grandma)MariaMephistoTom NaismithPied PiperFranklin D. RooseveltSarekSatanWilliam ShakespeareSheilaJules VerneVictoria IH.G. Wells

Starships and vehicles[]

clipperUSS EnterpriseUSS PotemkinIKS RapacheUSS RepublicIKS Schin'chartrain



Starbases and space stations[]

Starbase 12

Stellar locations[]

AlgolFree SpaceKasteroborousMilky Way GalaxyOrion systemsTau Eridani Cloud

Planets and planetoids[]

Alpha Eridani IIIEarthGatewayKlinzhaiMarsVenusVulcanis

Planetary locations[]

AfricaArizonaBarbary CoastBostonBridal Veil MountainCaliforniaCape HornChinaChinatownCity on the Edge of ForeverColumbus AvenueEagle Head PointEast CoastElliott BayEnglandFilbert StreetGharhuil continentGolden GateGrant StreetGrimsbyIndependanceJapanMadison StreetMarket StreetMexicoMissouriMontgomery StreetNatchezNatchez RiverNew BedfordNew EnglandNorth AmericaOlympiaPacific OceanPacific SlopePhiladelphiaPine StreetPortlandPuget SoundRocky MountainsRussiaSaigonSan FranciscoSan Francisco BaySansome StreetSargasso SeaScarboroughSeattleShikahrSierra Nevada Mountain RangeSoutheast AsiaTelegraph HillThersachUnion StreetVancouverVan Ness StreetVirginia CityWashingtonWashington, D.C.Washington StreetWashington TerritoryWest CoastYarmouth
Businesses and establishments[]
Barbary Coast CasinoDiamond Lil'sFlorinda's PlaceGrayson Plaza BuildingLi Chang LaundryThe OrientPalace HotelSt. Brendan's Charity HospitalSexy Sadie's Literature Emporium and Haircutting EstablishmentWonder BarYee Han Song Noodle Factory

Races and cultures[]

DrelbGwirinthanHokaHuman (American IndianApacheBritishChineseFrenchHottentotIrishItalianLaplanderNorwegianRussianScotsVictorianYankee) • KlingonKzintiVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations[]

AlliesCommunist BlocConfederate States of AmericaHgrtcha ClanKarsid EmpireKlingon EmpireKlingon Imperial ServiceKlingon Intelligence and SecurityKu Klux KlanRoman RepublicStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStruan and SonsUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States ArmyUnited States CongressUnited States of AmericaVulcan Academy of Archives

Science and classification[]

Animals and plants[]

applebearbeavercatCeti eelcocoacoffeecottoncougardaisydeerdogduckfoxhawkhorselarkowloysterpantherpeapelzpoppyratrattlesnakeseagullsorghumteatigertribblevanillavenisonwhalewolf

Compounds, elements, and substances[]

aluminumdiamondemeraldgoldironkeroseneMetebelis crystalmicanickelopiumphylozinepinerubbersaltsilksilversugartrepidolvelofoamvitamin Bwaxzedrox
Food and drink[]
alcoholAldebaran depth chargebourbonbrandybreadchampagnecheesecoffeecrackereggfried chickenKlingon megacaffinated coffeemoxieporridgesoupsteakwhiskey

Other references[]

500th Cycle of AlgolAmerican Civil WarArastphrid system (calendar) • arrowbilliardsblackjackbowcanecarbinecardscarpetbaggercentChristmascigarcloaking deviceComstock lodecribbagedisruptordollarDoppler effectdulcimerEllison trialsEmperor of the United StatesEnglishfaro (game)fiddlefleur-de-lisflimsiplastgeometryGodey's Lady's BookGuardian ProjectguitarhammerharphatchetkaleidoscopeknifeknightLibrary of CongressloveseatlumenpanelmegalopoliMeiji Restorationmerry-go-roundMickey Finnmicrofilmmind-sifterThe Minstrel BoyNew Year's DayOmniRail PassOrganian Peace TreatypennypianoPierce and Hamilton safepneumoniapool-tablePrime DirectiveprostituteProtector of MexicoReconstructionRed River ValleysaddlescalpelShemstardateswordtattooThree Score and TenTillman's FactorvoltmeterWheel of Fortunewhite dwarfxelo-faxYear of the GashkrithYear of the Snake




Karsid agents first arrive on Klinzhai. (Referenced by historian)
1540 (Karsid Imperial Year 930)
Klinzhai becomes a tributary world to the Karsid Empire. (Referenced by historian)
The Klingon homeworld, Klinzhai, is liberated from the Karsid Empire. From this point on, the Klingon Empire was modeled after the Karsid Empire. (Referenced by historian)
A gold mine shaft is dug outside of Seattle which would later prove hazardous to Jeremy Bolt and Candy Pruitt. (Referenced after accident)
Aaron Stemple arrives in Seattle and begins buying land. (Referenced in historical records)
The Comstock Lode becomes public knowledge. (Referenced in conversation)
Aaron Stemple buys more lots of land in Seattle. (Referenced in historical records)
The Confederate States of America's "Rebellion" begins. (Referenced in conversation)
The "War Between the States" ends, and "Reconstruction" begins. (Referenced in conversation)
Aaron Stemple bets that a boat load of New England women cannot find husbands in Seattle in under one year. He also buys more lots of land in the area. (Referenced in plot explanation)
January 1867
The Bolt brothers' boat load of women arrives in Seattle and takes up residence in the "Dormitory". (Referenced in plot explanation)
September 1867
Spock escapes Klingon custody and transports down outside Seattle, Washington Territory, the United States of America, Earth. He has amnesia. (In-story)
December 1867
Spock recovers his memory, foils a Klingon plot to kill Aaron Stemple and is rescued by the USS Enterprise. (In-story)
Karsid drones begin monitoring Earth. The Meiji Restoration occurred in Japan, Victoria I ruled the United Kingdom and Tzu Hsi ruled China. (Referenced in historical documents)
Aaron Stemple becomes a member of the Seattle school board. (Referenced in historical documents)
1873 (Karsid Imperial Year 1056.3)
The Karsid Empire makes first contact with Earth. (Referenced in historical documents)
1873 - 1877
Congressman Aaron Stemple convinces Ulysses S. Grant to repel the Karsid invasion. (Referenced in historical documents)
Edith Keeler is killed in an auto accident. (Referenced in internal monologue)
October 1963
The Cold War made this time the recommended target for any time travelers who wished to destroy Humanity, according to Trae of Vulcanis. (Referenced by historian)
Trae of Vulcanis is born. (Referenced in character backstory)
Stardate 3492.6
Spock is born into the Hgrtcha Clan. (Referenced on library computer)
The USS Enterprise docks at Starbase 12. While on liberty, Spock snoops around a Klingon ship and disappears. James T. Kirk assumes Spock is dead until they receive a cryptic message from the Klingon ship. (In-story)
Approximately one week later
The USS Enterprise returns to Starbase 12 and, after much research, travels back in time to stop a Klingon plot. (In-story)






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German : Ishmael, translated by Andreas Brandhorst. (Heyne)
French : Ishmaël. (Fleuve Noir)

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