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Isis is a two-page comic story published in We Have Met the Enemy..., the forth issue of the Assignment: Earth miniseries, to make up the page count to the full twenty-two pages as the main story was two pages short.


Night time in New York City, Isis, in her feline form walks the city streets and witnesses a mugging; a woman has her handbag stolen. Isis sets off in pursuit of the thief.

The mugger runs down an alley and pulls himself over a fence. While Isis makes her way up a fire escape to the roofs of nearby buildings to chase from above. In the moonlight she jumps between buildings.

At street level the mugger looks back to check he got away, and as a result misses Isis' outstretch, and now Human, leg, which trips him. Isis then knocks him out using a dustbin lid and, back in cat form, leaves the unconscious criminal in the care of a passing police officer.


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  • The entire two-page story uses no dialogue.
  • This is the first of two mini-stories in the Assignment: Earth miniseries, the second was Ah-Ha! in the fifth issue of the series.


  • The story provides no dating, but presumably takes place in 1971 along side the main story in the issue.
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