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Isis was a star located in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants, which collapsed into a supernova in the year 2267.

Details[edit | edit source]

Isis was a yellow sun in a system with at least three planets. It was connected to the Isis entity, a non-corporeal lifeform, a cosmic god-entity who was either the living star itself or whose lifespan was bound to the star.

Planets[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The USS Enterprise arrived 24 hours prior to the supernova explosion in the year 2267 and detected massive lifeform readings on the surface of Isis III, where a landing party discovered an old woman claiming to be the god of the sun. When the star erupted into a supernova and destroyed the planet, the Isis entity transported the landing party back to the Enterprise and maintained a gravity pocket to protect the starship against shock waves. She chose to mind-meld with Spock briefly, who later described her with admiration, as having seen “inconceivable things” and a sense that the star itself had taken human form to talk to them. The Isis entity died when the star novaed. (TOS comic: "Death of a Star")

It was unclear whether the star itself was actually a life form. Sensors observed the star for 24 hours, but no mention was made of life readings within the star or other evidence that it was biologically aware. The only life readings within the system came from the surface of Isis III. At the very least, however, the star was a location from which the cosmic entity Isis resided or drew power.
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