The Isitri are a telepathic humanoid species native to Isitra Zero and ruled by the Isitri Council.

The Isitri have a bone white complexion with fuzz spread all over, large, bulging eyes, and flat nostrils without a pronounced nose. They also don't posses vocal chords as their telepathy precludes the need for them.

At different points throughout their history the Isitri have been unknowingly controlled by their own kind with more powerful telepathy, known as "troublesome minds." This has led to entire generations of Isitri not remembering their lives or being destroyed in wars against the Isitri's neighbors, the Odib.

In 2270, one such mind, Berlis Aknista, took control and the crew of the USS Enterprise was forced to intervene. (TOS novel: Troublesome Minds)

Known individuals[edit | edit source]

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