Isodesium is a rare chemical element isotope which was not affected by dampening fields.

In the year 2376, the Federation starship Voyager was transported into the Forge where a powerful dampening field left all vessels in the area powerless. After contacting the Etherians, the crew of Voyager learned that one way of repairing their ship was getting a stockpile of isodesium, but the only known supply was within the Scavengers base. The hazard team was deployed to retrieve it but after they managed it, the supply was stolen by the Borg.

The hazard team were later deployed to retrieve the isodesium, but were captured by the Borg, who wanted to negotiate a deal—destroy an infestation of Species 8472 who had used the isodesium to reproduce and the Borg Collective would allow the Starfleet crew to take the isodesium. (VOY video game: Elite Force)

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