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Dr. James Wykoff, the psychologist caring for Benny Russell in a mental institution, makes journal entries.



Cassie JohnsonJenMartin Luther King, Jr.Douglas PabstBenny RussellJames Wykoff
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Corat DamarBenjamin SiskoJennifer SiskoKasidy Yates

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New MexicoNew York CityRoswell

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Human (MartianNegro)

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New York Police Department

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baseballChristmasChristmas EveCommunismDamar (character)Deep Space NineThe EmissaryFire CavesIncredible Tales of Scientific WonderLittle green menmorphinepaperpencilschizophreniascience fictionWhat You Leave Behind



Background information

  • Dean Wesley Smith commented "This story, for me, one of the most powerful in all of SNW history, caught me up front with the clear voice, the format, and the viewpoint. We have a clear character in a setting, with a problem. My first thought as I was pulled down into this journal writing was can this author pull this off? By the time I got to the end, with the character change being in the Doctor, I was stunned. This is not only Star Trek at its best, but science fiction at its best, dealing with the themes and problems of alieness in all forms, both racial, and social". [1]
  • This story was the Third Prize winner in the Strange New Worlds IV competition. It also placed on the preliminary ballot for the SFWA's Nebula Awards. [2]

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