An isomagnetic disintegrator was a shoulder mounted directed energy weapon that was used by Starfleet by the 24th century.

 Technical data (classified under Starfleet Security Directive 24168.9)[edit | edit source]

Range: 5-145 meters

Length: 128 centimeters

Mass: 3.85 kilograms

Energy: 4,000 charges (good for 40 shots on maximum setting)

Settings: 1-6 (light stun to heavy disrupt)

Using a portable magnetic-charge inducer, the weapon fires a collimated beam of isomagnetic energy which disrupts the target's electromagnetic field. On lower settings, the beam affects the target's inner ear and/or causes impairment to the target's nervous system. When fired at higher settings, the disintegrator reduces the target to a cloud of dust and static. The beam affects a 1-meter diameter area upon impact. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

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