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Italy (Italian: Italia) is a region on planet Earth. The capital of Italy is Rome. The region is part of the European Alliance, and the country has played a vital role in human history. Italy is situated on a peninsula in the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe on Earth, home of the Italian people. Italy's national flag was three vertical bands of green, white, and red.


Italy's largest city, Rome was the birthplace and dominant capital city of the Roman Empire in early Earth history. (TOS episode: "Bread and Circuses")

During the Renaissance, Italy was home to many of Earth's greatest thinkers and artists, including Leonardo da Vinci. (VOY episode: "Concerning Flight")

Italy was a founding member of the European Space Agency in the late 20th century. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

In 2143, while orbiting Earth in the NX-Alpha, waiting for a glitch in the propulsion system to be cleared up at Starfleet Mission Control, A.G. Robinson noted that he saw Italy pass, several times. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

After surviving an attack by the Chakuun, Gabrielle Carlotti and her surviving brothers came to live with their Aunt Olivia in Florence, Italy. (EV comics: "Flesh of My Flesh", "The Fallen")

Geordi La Forge and Leah Brahms shared a passion for Italian food. Doctor Brahms was well known for her fungilli. (TNG episode: "Booby Trap")

During the 2370s, Captain Kathryn Janeway often worked in holodeck programs set in Italy, usually working with a representation of Leonardo da Vinci. (VOY episode: "Concerning Flight")

In 2379 an Earth spacedock facility was in orbit over Italy. (TNG movie: Star Trek Nemesis)




Oceans and seas


  • Alps, a great mountain system
  • Sicily, the larger island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Tuscany, an Italian region
  • Vulcan, a volcanic island



Early Gold Key Comics versions of Star Trek were drawn by art studios in Italy, before The Original Series had reached European television. As a result, many of the comics in question lacked detailed reference to the look and storyline of the TV version. The prolific Italian comic artists involved with this version of Star Trek included Alberto Giolitti and Nevio Zeccara.


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