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Ithen, also known as Orodanga, was a planet, the third planet of the Zaniah system, the homeworld of the Ithenite civilization.

History and specifics

Its system was located within Federation space in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

Orodanga had a mostly desert climate and was notable for its richness in metals. Metals and metallic salts saturated its oceans and even its plant life, which was poisonous to non-natives without processing. As a result, its oceans conducted electricity and were a shock hazard. Many regions outside fertile coastal strips were dry, bleak plateaus with elevations of 6,500 feet which bore a resemblance to the interior of Australia. Rich forests were located in a temperate zone of the southern hemisphere.

The planet rated 788951-78 on the technological/sociopolitical index and had a planetary trade profile of GADEACE/A(D). (Stardate Magazine vol. 2, Issue 11: "The Dayen")

In the year 2270, Danga Sitru served as the Federation councillor from Ithen. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)


  • Colaten Peninsula
  • Gurud Islands
  • Malak Plateau
  • Rata Plateau
  • Uilam Gng ("Golden Mountain")
  • Venian Peninsula

Bodies of water

  • Ayusan Sea
  • Hyrian Sea
  • Toka's Sea


Notable residents