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Ithen, also known as Orodanga, was a planet, the third planet of the Zaniah system, the homeworld of the Ithenite civilization.

History and specifics[]

Its system was located within Federation space in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

Orodanga had a mostly desert climate and was notable for its richness in metals. Metals and metallic salts saturated its oceans and even its plant life, which was poisonous to non-natives without processing. As a result, its oceans conducted electricity and were a shock hazard. Many regions outside fertile coastal strips were dry, bleak plateaus with elevations of 6,500 feet which bore a resemblance to the interior of Australia. Rich forests were located in a temperate zone of the southern hemisphere.

The planet rated 788951-78 on the technological/sociopolitical index and had a planetary trade profile of GADEACE/A(D). (Stardate Magazine vol. 2, Issue 11: "The Dayen")

In the year 2270, Danga Sitru served as the Federation councillor from Ithen. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)


  • Colaten Peninsula
  • Gurud Islands
  • Malak Plateau
  • Rata Plateau
  • Uilam Gng ("Golden Mountain")
  • Venian Peninsula

Bodies of water[]

  • Ayusan Sea
  • Hyrian Sea
  • Toka's Sea


Notable residents[]