Ithic II was a colony world in the Demilitarized Zone. It was an agricultural planet and had both Human and Cardassian populations, based around Manea and Kovalet, respectively. There was a minor Maquis presence there, but it was unpopular with the pacifistic Human settlers until the Dominion War.

Ithic II was characteristic of the farm worlds Cardassia Prime depended on to feed its population. Khevet Agricultural Holdings managed the Cardassian agrobusiness on Ithic from its central complex in Kovalet. It was attacked by the Maquis in early 2369. Penelya Khevet's parents were killed, and the company inherited by her uncle Mikor Khevet.

Unbeknownst to the human population, Khevet Agricultural Holdings was involved in a terraforming plan to raise the temperature of the polar regions by a few degrees, so that arable land would be available once the land currently under cultivation was depleted.

When Cardassia joined the Dominion, the Cardassians began seizing land from the Human smallholders with Jem'Hadar backing. Humans, including Hulya Kiliç, were rounded up and driven on foot to a camp outside Littleport. Women and children were placed in one camp, and adult men in another. Ithic then became the most stable Cardassian agricultural world in the DMZ. Industrial Cardassian agronomy was responsible for widespread environmental damage, but the Dominion War ended before this damage could become permanent.

When The Fire began, the Jem'Hadar executed all the Cardassians they could find. They abandoned the planet with the interned Humans still shut inside force fields in the camps, where they would have starved if they had not escaped.

Over subsequent summers, the Human colonists turned to mob violence and began to lynch the Cardassian survivors. Inter-human banditry was also common during this period. (DS9 novel: The Never-Ending Sacrifice)

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