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Introduction (blurb)

Captain James T. Kirk is dead, lost during the launch of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B. His former shipmates are not the only ones who mourn his passing: Raya elMora and the people of Mestiko are stunned to learn that the man who has played such a pivotal role in their lives over the past three decades is now gone.

But Kirk's passing comes as Mestiko is on the threshold of a new era, as they have come from near-destruction to contemplating membership in the Federation. The surviving crew of the Starship Enterprise gather together at this strife-torn world one last time as its future hangs in the balance...

A new eBook from the author of the novels Strangers from the Sky and Burning Dreams.


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Pavel ChekovMarat LonLeonard McCoyRa-ghoratreiiMontgomery ScottSettoonSpockHikaru SuluTuvokNyota Uhura
Asal JantoCart etDeja (aka Marat Lon) • Chimeji elPrahno (aka Chimmy) • Deman elKramoEjo elPrahnoJana elKanaiJolonRaya elMoraSorodelStenho etLaja
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Cadi orMalanEleeGorkonJames T. KirkMagna the MagnificentMiriRa-ghoratreiiRhilnamTheena elMadej

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-BUSS ExcelsiorUSS Intrepidskimmer-van


Ayanava ProvinceAyanava ValleyGeltaKemong RiverMestikoNehdi ValleyS'rii TuuliieTralvavosTraal
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KazarMiri's planetPraxisQo'noS

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

AlangabiKlingon EmpireNehdiPlenary CouncilToryeUnited Federation of PlanetsZamestaad

Other references

DinpayavgaghKhitomer Accordslaanurmar-AtyyaMissing Man formationnoggik tree • "the Pulse" • Saurian brandyServant


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