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Lieutenant Commander Ivan Verov was a Human male and head of sciences on the USS Incursion.

Verov grew up in central Russia, as a child he displayed exceptional skills and his parents enrolled him into a special educational program at the Daystrom Institute, his photographic memory allowed him to retain incredible amounts of information. When he was old enough, Verov was accepted into Starfleet Academy where he studied for degrees in several scientific disciplines including; cybernetics, advanced computer studies and energy field studies. One of Ivan's inventions was a dynamic stasis field, which would later become a critical component in the USS Incursion's holographic masking system.

In 2377, following a Romulan attack on the Klingon research base Lak'Tral, Verov was part of an away team to rescue Klingon scientists and aid Klingon warriors in the battle against Romulan personnel still in the base. During the mission, he secured a Romulan personal cloaking device, which he was able to keep and often used in situations necessary of stealth in future away missions (Away Team: Klingon Base on Rigel 4).

Shortly after, Verov was one of the few members of the Incursion's crew who was not infected with the Warden virus and subsequently did not mutiny against Captain Refelian. In fact, it was only due to Verov locating the Captain before the mutineers, that Refelian survived the mutiny. The pair later located several other loyalists and retook the ship. The group of unaffected crew then beamed over to a Borg cube, which had taken the Incursion in its tractor beam, where they set antimatter charges to free the Starship (Away Team: Qo’nos Rescue and Borg Rescue).

Some time later, Verov was part of an away team sent to a Borg cube to conduct negotiations with the Borg, in the hopes of forming an alliance to defeat the Wardens. Ultimately, too many of that cubes drones had already fallen victim to the Warden virus and the away team destroyed the cube at the request of the collective (Away Team: Borg Negotiations).

Intelligence gained from the Borg led the Incursion to the Warden headquarters on Vulcan and Verov was once again part of an away team. This time, into the heart of Warden operations where the team reprogrammed the Warden's nanites and freed the galaxy from their control (Away Team: Warden Headquarters).

(TNG video game: Away Team)