General[edit | edit source]

He was albino born one year following the marriage of his parents J'Ula and D'Lor. His mother made the decision to discard him due to his albinism.

The reader is told by a conversation between L'Rell and Voq, that the baby was killed, but the reader is never shown the death.

J'Ula later lies to D'Lor, telling him the child was still born. He replies that she was right to discard the body of the child. He never saw the baby's body.

Theories and Speculation[edit | edit source]

There are a couple of theories about the fate of the baby.

1) The baby actually died.

  a) Albinism discrimination 
  b) D'Lor was not the father.

2) The baby survived. He grows up to become:

  a) Voq
      - Not impossible but would need verification.
  b) "The Albino" - from Deep space 9 (DS9) - Blood Oath
      - The canon never confirms the albino is Klingon.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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