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Worlds of Deep Space Nine Volume Three

J. Noah Kym is the author of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Bajor: Fragments and Omens. The author bio in that book reads simply, "J. Noah Kym has been characterized by his friends as a tough nut to crack", presumably indicating that, as with "Sarah Shaw" (in fact David Mack), Kym was a pseudonym. In Voyages of Imagination, it is said that "[Kym's] good friends Heather Jarman and Jeffrey Lang [...] gave [him] some much needed perspective," suggesting a pseudonym. Furthermore, for the entry for Fragments and Omens, "Kym" noted: "As a fan, it was especially fun to be the one who got to marry off Jake, to show Sisko being a dad to his new daughter, to offer a shadowy glimpse of the major new villain who is eventually revealed in David Mack's book Warpath, and to be the the first author ever to have Kira say, 'This is Captain Kira Nerys of the USS Defiant, representing the United Federation of Planets'. That was just too cool" (Voyages of Imagination, p. 275)

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