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In the mirror universe, Doctor Jabilo M'Benga was a Terran Imperial Starfleet sciences division officer who served as a medical officer aboard the starship ISS Enterprise from the 2260s to the 2280s.


Prior to his service aboard the Enterprise, M'Benga interned on the planet Vulcan. During his time there, M'Benga witnessed Vulcans reading minds, planting delayed suggestions and even control weak minds from a short distance. He also heard some Vulcan legends relating to the Stone of Gol and its abilities to kill people using the power of their own thoughts. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

References of the Mirror Universe Trilogy and the Star Trek: Mirror Universe series contain unexplained contradictions. The references below this note, separated by subsections, may be representative of divergent continuities.

Kirk's crewEdit

M'Benga began serving on Enterprise in the mid-2260s, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. Historical accounts indicated that Kirk came to believe M'Benga played a part in letting the ship be infiltrated by four imposters. Kirk's sanctuary contained photos of M'Benga hanged outside Starfleet Headquarters in the year 2267. In the gallows alongside M'Benga, several other crewmembers were also executed, including Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Janice Rand, Willard Decker, David Garrovick, and Marlena Moreau. (TOS - Mirror Universe Trilogy novel: Dark Victory)

This aspect of author William Shatner's Mirror Universe Trilogy did not contradict canon, as none of these characters' fates were referenced in later canon mirror universe material. However, mirror universe works by later authors show a version where these deaths did not occur, unless the accounts of the hanging were not completely accurate in some way.

Spock's crewEdit

After Spock successfully took command of the Enterprise, M'Benga continued to serve on that vessel. In 2267, Doctor Leonard McCoy confided in M'Benga regarding the "disappearance" of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura right in front of him as they plotted mutiny against Spock. M'Benga later repeated this to Lieutenant Robert D'Amato, and the gossip was then repeated amongst the rest of the crew.

Following the death of McCoy due to his contraction of xenopolycythemia in 2269, M'Benga was appointed as the Enterprise's new chief medical officer. In 2277, he was invited to serve in Spock's entourage and accompanied him when he met with Empress Hoshi Sato III in the Kyoto Imperial Palace on Earth. As such, he was one of the many witnesses to the Empress' assassination and Spock's proclamation as the new Emperor.

M'Benga continued to serve as chief medical officer until at least 2287, by which time the Enterprise was under the command of Captain Saavik. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)


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