Jack Corrigan was an Irish Human male who lived in the late 23rd century. He was a pirate.

He was born to a poor family living in one of the last surviving ghettos in northern Ireland, on Terra. He grew up there and joined a youth gang, fast rising to become the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in the city. This life resulted in a growing criminal record. A rather more prominent uncle with political aspirations felt threaten by this, and arranged to have Jack Corrigan enrolled in the Merchant Academy.

Soon after graduation, Corrigan hired on as an apprentice cargomaster with Hammond Lines. This lasted two years, as Corrigan was sacked for frequently getting into brawls and being suspected of smuggling. Thereafter, he spent several months drifting between employments with various tramp traders.

Eventually, he came to work for Stefan Markovsky, a criminal syndicate boss on Stavchek's World, beginning as an enforcer, and rising to Chief Cargomaster on a ship that made regular smuggling trips into the Klingon Empire. This continued until Federation police and Starfleet broke up Markovsky's organization. Corrigan killed two Starfleet officers while he made his escape. He fled to the Orion worlds. There he joined the crew of the Werewolf, and in six years rose to become both first mate and cargomaster under Captain Solomon Kane.

In reference stardate 2/1410 (circa 2273), operating under the name Illusion, the Werewolf visited the Orion Colony world of Daros IV, with the aim of negotiating a trade agreement between InstellCo and one of the Five Families, by any means necessary. Kane and Corrigan spent five weeks unsuccessfully negotiating with Merkos Kerav of the Kerav Family, who refused any fair contract. Eventually they switched their attentions to Imri Keros of the Keros Family, who had more interest and negotiations were opened. These were threatened by the arrival of the Eridani Star from rival corporation TransSolar, which could outbid their smaller rival IntellCo and was interested in Keros. Corrigan was the loudest and most open in threatening the rival group.

At the time, Corrigan was aged 48, had a height of over 6'3" and weighed 215 pounds. He had curly red hair, a large jutting jaw and a weathered face with a broken nose. He was typically loudly spoken, rude and aggressive, with a violent temper. He enjoyed being a pirate, and all the violence and chaos that came with it, and had nothing but contempt for the lawful Federation. He sought money for the luxuries it could bring and had dreams of commanding his own ship, though he was unable to save enough money to achieve that goal. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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