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Lieutenant Jackson was a Human Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, in the mid-2260s.

In 2266, Jackson was assigned to the repair crews on the Enterprise and was on duty when repair wagons were launched to conduct repairs on the ship's star camera. Once Jackson and the wagon were outside the ship he noted that the Enterprise had entered orbit of a planet, much to the surprise of the rest of the crew who expected the Enterprise to be in open space. Until he visually verified the planet himself Captain Kirk wondered if Jackson might have been ill and imagining the planet. (TOS comic: "Life Form Nonexistent")

In 2267, Jackson accompanied Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the first landing party to planet Pyris VII. After losing contact with the landing party for some time, the Enterprise was then contacted by Jackson who requested an immediate transport for one person. Captain Kirk prepared to question Jackson about the fates of Scott and Sulu, but once the transport was completed it was discovered that Jackson was dead.

However, Jackson's mouth was used by the alien Korob to warn Captain Kirk that the Enterprise was cursed and that they should leave the planet immediately. Instead of doing that though, Kirk led another landing party to the surface to ascertain the status of Scott and Sulu. It was only later that he learned that Jackson had been killed by Sylvia, by creating an image of Jackson in her mind and then killing the image, which resulted in Jackson's demise. (TOS episode: "Catspaw")



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