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Jacobs was a 23rd century Human man. He served in Starfleet in various divisions aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the late 2260s and early 2270s. He has served in security, engineering and command.

Jacobs had a medium build and was of African American descent. (TOS novel: Enemy Unseen)


In 2268, Jacobs was serving as a security guard. When the Enterprise hit a spacial distortion and ground to a sudden halt, Jacobs twisted his ankle. He was the first casualty to report to sickbay from the incident, and Christine Chapel tended to his injury. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes)

Later in 2268, when Pavel Chekov and Djelifan scientist Talika were sucked through a portal artifact on the surface of Careta IV, he and four other security guards beamed down with James T. Kirk to go through the portal and rescue them. The transit turned them into sentient crablike animals called Kh!lict. While they were crabs, Jacobs attacked one of the other guards, who flipped Jacobs back onto the ground. He suddenly went into convulsions, fell over the edge of an estuary and broke a leg on the rocks below. After a rescue team retrieved him and returned him to human, Leonard McCoy estimated he would completely recuperate in seven days. (TOS novel: Windows on a Lost World)

In 2269, Jacobs served in engineering as a technician under Montgomery Scott and Frank Gabler. When the Enterprise passed through a matter-energy whirlwind at the galactic core, it stressed the ship's artificial gravity compensators, causing some damage. Scott asked Gabler and Jacobs to begin repairs with microwelders. (TAS - Log Three novelization: The Magicks of Megas-Tu)

By 2273, Jacobs had been promoted to lieutenant and served as a bridge officer. He assumed command of the Enterprise during the night shift.

In 2273, during one shift at 0030 hours, acting science officer Tenaida reported detecting an uncharted gas cloud along their trajectory and provided an alternate course. Jacobs became immediately nervous and approved the course change, as unusual stellar phenomena in his experience had proven more challenging than they first appeared. In the morning, however, when Jacobs reported the event to Kirk, Tenaida denied having been on the bridge. Replaying the ship's log recording eventually led to the realization that a shape-shifter was aboard and attempting to redirect the ship's course. (TOS novel: Enemy Unseen)




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