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Jaheel was a Boslic freighter captain who brought his ship to Deep Space 9 in 2369 to have its antimatter flow converter readjusted. His ship was carrying Tamen Sasheer.

After a Resistance device unleashed a viral form of aphasia on the space station, Jaheel wanted to leave immediately to avoid getting sick and to get his cargo delivered on time before it spoiled, although Benjamin Sisko ordered him to remain aboard the quarantined station.

Jaheel later returned to his ship and activated its engines, hoping Sisko would release the docking clamps and let him leave. The stress on Jaheel's ship damaged its main power core, threatening to destroy the ship and half of the docking ring. With Quark's help, Odo beamed onto Jaheel's ship and rescued the captain. The Changeling was able to manually release the docking clamps, blowing the freighter into space where it exploded without damaging the station. (DS9 episode: "Babel")

Several weeks later, Sisko had Miles O'Brien shut down airlocks to all docked ships, hoping to avoid another "near-disaster" that they had had with Jaheel. (DS9 novel: The Siege)

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