The Jaheelah in 2287.

The Jaheelah was the container that held mental images of the Iheiko, the Creator. It was, to the Nasgul, on of the most sacred artifact in both the galaxy and universe.

History[edit | edit source]

The Jaheelah was given by Iheiko to his only son, the first Salla. The Sallas that would come after him would guard the Jaheelah until the Creator returns, when he would open it and usher in Nasgul's age of immortal, the beginning of Nasgul's rul over all.

In the 23rd century when the last true Salla died, the Jaheelah was then stolen from its temple by Vlagro, who declared himself the new Salla by force. However, his people, including his half sister Ravia, hated him so much that they liberated the Jaheelah. Ravia took it with her to Skellen III, where she waited to overthrow her brother and restore order to the Nasgul worlds. (TOS comic: "The Sky Above...The Mudd Below")

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