For the primary universe counterpart, see Sean Finnegan.

Jake Finnegan was a 23rd century Human man in the Kelvin timeline alternate reality.


By the 2260s, Finnegan was a Starfleet officer who held the rank of Commander. By 2263 Finnegan was the officer in charge of Yorktown Station's headquarters facility.

In addition to supervising station operations, Finnegan also supervised traffic control around the station. In January of 2263, Finnegan watched as a fleet of Swarm ships under Krall attacked the base. Luckily the USS Franklin under Captain James T. Kirk was able to give Finnegan the disruption frequency and was able to broadcast it. Finnegan then assisted Commander Scott and Jaylah in shutting down the atmospheric processor before Krall could deploy the Abronath. However, Finnegan claimed that was impossible to do. (TOS movie: Beyond)



Finnegan was portrayed by Greg Grunberg, who had previously provided the voice of Frank Davis in 2009's Star Trek. Grunberg requested his character be named Finnegan and be the alternate reality counterpart to Sean Finnegan.[1]

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