Jali'lar Kandowali (known as Jali) was a Deltan female and the cousin of Resh'da Maprida'hn and Krnsandor L'am.

In 2281, Jali served as a Federation Warrantor of Peace along with her cousins. She, her cousins, T'Shael, Cleante al-Faisal, and Theras shoorShras were all kidnapped from their post on Vulcan by Romulan agents and then handed over to the Klingons. The Deltans were very scared and sought comfort with each other. The Klingons noticed this and separated Resh from his two cousins, causing him to die of loneliness. Then they tried to take Jali away from Krn, but she committed suicide in order to stop a repeat of what happened to Resh. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

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