James Briton was a 23rd century Human man, a career Starfleet officer. By the later 2260s decade, Briton had risen to the rank of colonel and served in Starfleet Mission Review, based in Starfleet Headquarters.

On stardate 6273.52, the 19th of September, Briton addressed a correspondence to Captain James T. Kirk aboard Federation starship USS Enterprise. Qualifying the missions reviewed as successes, Briton did ask for detail on three points. Briton requested a further report with speculation as to the origin of the Isis phenomenon, to help gauge the possibility of there being a race of star-beings, or whether it was more of a limited occurrence. Secondly, Briton communicated Starfleet's investigation of the captain's time travel to the year 1955, and recommended that Kirk use hypnopharmacology aids to create a detailed remembrance of all actions that occurred in the past. Finally, Briton requested genetic data on the inhabitants of Hercula, as part of Starfleet's project to continue Kirk's integration of the disparate parties on that world. (TOS comic: "The Enterprise Logs, Volume 4")

Briton's memo appeared on the back cover of the volume as a teaser of the contents.
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