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James McRobb was a Human male who served in the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century.


James McRobb, circa 2365.

In 2365 he served aboard the USS Enterprise-D as assistant chief engineer. His wife Ingrid McRobb, who also lived aboard the Enterprise.

Soon after transferring to the Enterprise, McRobb was worried that he would not be able to show that courage that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather (all starship captains) had shown. (TNG comics: "Return to Raimon", "Murder, Most Foul")

While on an away mission aboard an apparently derelict ship, the ship came to life trapping Commander Riker and three others leaving only McRobb and Lieutenant Worf with any chance to save them. Worf was able to fight off one octopus-like space creature, but was severely injured fighting a large insect-like one. McRobb was able to lure the creature into smashing the ship's engine core wounding the creature and preventing the escape of the Taxxan ship. (TNG comics: "The Derelict", "The Hero Factor")

Afterwards, McRobb transferred to the USS Hornet, where he served as chief engineer. Reuniting with his Enterprise colleagues in 2371, he assisted them in stopping Captain Nora Hagler's plan for revenge against the Solanagen-based lifeforms. (TNG comics: "Gateway", "The Unconquered")



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