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James Swallow is the only British writer to have worked on a Star Trek television series, having contributed the original story concepts for the Star Trek: Voyager episodes "One" and "Memorial." Swallow received no onscreen credit for his work on the Voyager episodes, but he did have the Swallow Nebula (the setting of "One") named in his honour by Geoffrey Mandel in Star Charts.

As a writer, he has also contributed to a number of Star Trek publications including Star Trek Magazine, the Star Trek Fact Files and The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine. He lives in London, England.


title series format published image
One[1] Voyager episode May 1998
Memorial[2] Voyager episode February 2000
Invasion The Next Generation video game 2000 Invasion
Distant Shores:
Voyager short story November 2005 DistantShores
The Sky's the Limit:
Ordinary Days
The Next Generation short story October 2007 The Sky's the Limit
Terok Nor:
Day of the Vipers
Deep Space Nine novel April 2008 Day of the Vipers
Myriad Universes: Infinity's Prism:
Seeds of Dissent
Deep Space Nine novella July 2008 Infinitysprism
Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows:
The Black Flag
Vanguard short story January 2009 Shards and Shadows
Synthesis Titan novel November 2009 Titan Synthesis
Seven Deadly Sins:
The Slow Knife
Deep Space Nine short story March 2010 Seven Deadly Sins
Cast No Shadow The Original Series novel July 2011 Cast No Shadow cover 2
The Stuff of Dreams The Next Generation ebook March 2013 Stuff of Dreams
The Poisoned Chalice Titan/The Fall novel November 2013 The Poisoned Chalice
Sight Unseen Titan novel September 2015 Sight Unseen
The Latter Fire The Original Series novel February 2016 Latter Fire
Fear Itself Discovery novel June 2018 Fear Itself
  1. "One" pitch by Swallow and written by Jeri Taylor.
  2. "Memorial" pitch by Swallow and story by Brannon Braga with the teleplay by Robin Burger.

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