This character is a member of the Kirk family native to the mirror universe.

In the mirror universe, James T. Keeler was a Terran male who lived on Earth during the 20th century.

James was born in the 1930s, he was the son of Edith Keeler and a time displaced James T. Kirk, who had saved Edith from her destined death in an automobile accident and then told her about the century's future history so that the two of them could rule together. However, Kirk's crew thwarted his plans for world domination by rescuing him from his temporal marooning. Edith would subsequently use the information he'd given her to seek out the great men of history and bend them to her will.

As an adult, James became the advisor of Emperor Jimmy Carter and the two espoused dreams of space conquest. Eventually, with the help of Khan Noonien Singh, Keeler acquired enough influence to establish his own power bloc. However, Khan's treachery ultimately helped speed the demise of Keeler's competing power bloc. (Decipher module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

Although not specified, it is likely that Keeler Aerospace was founded by James and his family.
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