This character is a member of the Kirk family.
Jamie Kirk

Jamie Samantha Kirk.

"Home is where you make it, doctor. And my family has always seemed more at home among the stars."
Jamie Samantha Kirk[src]

Jamie Samantha Kirk was a female Human Starfleet ensign stationed on Deep Space 9 in 2370. Kirk was involved in a research project on an energy conducting artifact found in the Gamma Quadrant when a Romulan delegation was aboard the station. Jannek, the Romulan ambassador, was the son of the Romulan commander who faced Jamie's ancestor James T. Kirk at the first 23rd century Romulan/Federation encounter at Icarus IV. This was a point of conflict as his family still has a grudge against the Kirk family. (DS9 comic: "Blood and Honor").

According to Miles O'Brien, she was a granddaughter of James Kirk's brother, though he wasn't certain. (Prometheus novel: Fire with Fire)

As James T. Kirk's only (known) child, David Marcus, was killed on the Genesis Planet, it is likely she is descended from one of Jim's nephews, the sons of George Samuel Kirk, Jr. (possibly Craig Kirk, who has a daughter of which little is known), rather than being a direct descendant.

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