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Jamran Harnoth

Jamran Harnoth (also known as the Sponsor or Future Guy by DTI agents) is a founding member of the Order of Omega. As a temporal agent from the 28th century, he was a major antagonist in the Temporal Cold War.


He was the unknown benefactor of countless factions across time and throughout the galaxy, empowering agents with genetic enhancements in exchange for their loyalty. He never traveled back through time when communicating with those he recruited, but rather projected a blurry temporally projected image of himself.

In the 22nd century he recruited Silik and other members of the Suliban Cabal, and also manipulated the Tandarans, by allowing them to discover the Cabal were receiving help from their future, thereby leading them to their research into Temporal Security. Federation Temporal Agency agent Timot Danlen traveled to the same time period, and under the alias of "Crewman Daniels", often recruited Captain Jonathan Archer in his attempts to stop Harnoth. (ENT episode & novelization: Broken Bow) However, he also warned Archer of the Sphere Builders' plan to have the Xindi destroy Earth. (ENT episode & novelization: The Expanse)

In the 24th century he recruited a number of Romulans who were willing to die for his cause. When a descendant of the Cabal, Shelan, an agent of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations attempted to discover the origin of his messages, Harnoth had her surgically removed from the timeline. Despite his best efforts however, she was able to transmit enough data to be analyzed, leading to his eventual discovery. Having fled to the 22nd century, he was finally apprehended by Daniels.

When questioned by temporal agents from three separate time periods, as well as a representative of the Aegis, he finally revealed that not only had he manipulated so many different races with the intent of altering history to benefit the Omegans, but as a descendant of at least three of those races (Suliban, Romulan, and Tandaran), he had done so to ensure his own existence. He finally agreed to be tried for his crimes in the 31st century, receiving a fairer trial than he would in his contemporary time, in return for cooperating in the neutralization of his 24th century Augments. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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