Jan Rosenstrum was a 24th century Human who was a Starfleet officer with many years of service.

Rosenstrum was a captain who was a commanding officer responsible for an away team on a primitive planet in the early 24th century, around the turn of the 2330s decade. Among the party members were Jean-Luc Picard and Starkis Orilov. While the team waited for a break in a radiation belt to allow them to leave the world, Orilov provoked a native animal that was camouflaged as a tree root. The creature grabbed Rosenstrum, who was saved only by a risky phaser shot from Picard. (TNG comic: "The Noise of Justice")

By 2366, Rosenstrum held the rank of fleet admiral and was stationed at or near Starbase 104. He contacted Picard regarding a report of the USS Enterprise violating Ferengi territory. Picard wondered about the unexpected message, as the two hadn't spoken since an unspecified incident at Beta Ghandia VII. (TNG comic: "The Pay Off!")

The reference to Beta Ghandia VII could refer to the incident with Rosenstrum, Orilov and Picard described in "The Noise of Justice". Then again, it might not.

Later in 2366, when further reports of misconduct by the Enterprise-D surfaced, Rosenstrum dispatched the USS Hood and the USS Courageous to escort the vessel to base. Rosenstrum gave orders to arrest Captain Picard after the Enterprise-D was implicated in the destruction of the USS Nairobi. He assigned a local JAG officer, Phillipa Louvois, to investigate the case against Picard. When the Enterprise-D was reported as responsible for another starship's destruction, despite being docked at the starbase, Picard and his crew were cleared of suspicion. (TNG comic: "The Noise of Justice")

Rosenstrum accompanied the Enterprise-D to investigate the impostor's activities, visiting the wreck of the USS Merrimac. After analyzing the locations of the incidents and tracing a path, the crew discovered an energy being that had taken the Enterprise-D's appearance and was following the ship's precise course from earlier in her mission. After contact was made, Counselor Deanna Troi telepathically made the being understand the deaths it had caused and it voluntarily gave up its masquerade. Picard complimented a shocked Rosenstrum on having confidence in his innocence all along as they made way for Starbase 173. (TNG comics: "The Impostor", "Whoever Fights Monsters")

Rosenstrum retired sometime prior to 2370. Upon his retirement, he gave some Mintooran tea to Jean-Luc Picard. Rosenstrum said he owed it to Picard, who had done "more to make his life interesting than any other captain he knew." (TNG - War and Madness comic: "The First Casualty")

Starfleet service record

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
commanding officer 2320s-2330s captain Uniform badge insignia. Uniform shoulder strap rank insignia.
Starfleet Command flag officer circa 2366 fleet admiral Uniform badge insignia. Uniform collar rank insignia.
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