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Jane Hamilton was a female Human doctor in Starfleet in the 23rd century. She had shoulder length red hair.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the year 2267, she was temporarily assigned to planet Beta III, to aid in the recovery following the deactivation of Landru, the computer which controlled that world's native population. While there, Hamilton discovered that many Betans had computer chips implanted just above their necks, which allowed Landru to communicate with and direct its people. Following her time on Beta III, she was to assume a posting aboard the USS Defiant. (SCE eBook: Foundations, Book Two)

Once aboard the Defiant as chief medical officer, she placed Captain Thomas Blair on a diet so that he could get into proper physical condition. (ST novella: The First Peer)

She continued to encourage him to exercise and to watch his weight through the following year, both for his own health and to set a good example for the Defiant's crew. (VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

She was still on the Defiant in 2268, when it was lost in interphase. (TOS episode: "The Tholian Web"; VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

Hamilton was presumably assigned to either the USS Enterprise or the USS Lovell prior to Beta III.

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