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Crewman Jane Taylor was an enlisted crewman in the United Earth Starfleet in the mid-22nd century.


Taylor served aboard the Saratoga until 2151, when she was transferred to the Enterprise (NX-01) at the request of Commander Charles Tucker. She served aboard the Enterprise for three years, during which time she and the commander became friends. In 2154, her quarters were in Section 6, C deck.

Taylor was friendly with Crewman Michael Rostov, a member of her engineering team; he often played practical jokes on her. She was a first-rate engineer. On one occasion, she detected a problem in the Enterprise's warp injector assembly that had been overlooked by the rest of the engineering staff. Commander Tucker considered her "a fine young woman" who was "smart and full of potential." He thought she would someday be an excellent chief engineer.

She was one of eighteen members of the Enterprise's crew killed during a battle with the Xindi at Azati Prime. She was killed just outside her quarters when Sections 6 and 7 of C deck were exposed to space and decompressed. She was heading to her station. Commander Tucker believed that she wouldn't have been killed had she been "a few more meters" down the corridor.

Several days after her death, Captain Archer ordered Tucker to write a personal letter to Taylor's family. He at first delayed writing the message, claiming urgent repairs to the heavily damaged Enterprise. After being pressed, he struggled to compose a message that felt appropriate. Finally, after accepting Doctor Phlox's order to rest, Tucker dreamed that Taylor confronted him in her quarters and asked him to remember her. He was able, finally, to complete the letter.

Tucker's letter

Commander Tucker's letter read as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor: By the time you get this, Starfleet will have already told you about Jane. Since I worked so closely with her, I wanted to add my personal condolences. I have to confess, I've been putting off writing this for a while. I convinced myself that my duties on Enterprise took precedence. But the truth is, I didn't want to face the fact that someone so young, with so much promise, could just be gone. But I'm facing it now. And I found myself thinking how important she was to me. She was a great engineer. And she was my friend. She won't be forgotten.



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Jane Taylor was played by Kipleigh Brown.