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Crewman Janelle[1] Kelly was a Human female who served as an engineer on the starship Enterprise in the 2150s.


Early History

Kelly was raised on the colonies of Altair VI along with her sister, formerly brother, Morgan Kelly. Kelly and her sister were brought up on more traditional ideas of gender roles, where living on a frontier world of the time a high birth rate was needed to build a stable population, so it was considered proper for women of childbearing age to focus on family. Instead of living up to this tradition, Kelly decided to enlisted in the Earth Starfleet as an engineer. (ENT novel: Patterns of Interference)


After enlisting, she was assigned to the Earth starship Enterprise. In 2152, Kelly, along with Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander Charles Tucker III and Crewmen Michael Rostov and Zabel, was captured by an alien creature in the Enterprise's cargo bay. All survived the incident after Ensign Hoshi Sato translated the creature's language and returned it to it's home planet. (ENT episode: "Vox Sola")

Later that year she was in engineering when the Suliban took over the ship, and confined everyone to their quarters. (ENT novel: Shockwave)

Kelly was played by actress Renee Goldsberry.



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