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Janice Eardman was a human female in Starfleet in the 24th century.

In 2367 she was in her early thirties. She was slender and rather tall with honey-colored eyes. Her hair was in tawny curls that were pulled neatly away from her face and caught by a pin at the back of her neck.

While she was growing up, her family had a summer home. Janice also spent a lot of time as a student in ruined abbeys or crumbling shrines. She also became familiar with Tamburlaine the Great and other works by Marlowe. With an interest in history, she had also studied the legend of Captain Lucian Murat.

Janice met William T. Riker while they were both in their third year at Starfleet Academy. She developed a romantic relationship with Will and they went on several holodeck dates. These included a walking tour through film-noir San Francisco and ancient Rome. Will also enjoyed making one of her favorite dishes, real strawberries and chocolate mixed with Venduvian sauce. Janice graduated from the Academy in 2357.

Her first assignment out of the Academy was to Tarett IV to participate in an intensive archaeological excavation for three years. She suggested to Will that he take an open ensign position at the Tarett IV orbital base so that they could remain close to each other. Will strongly expressed that he was more interested in a starship assignment. This ended their relationship and she wouldn't see Will again for nine years.

Janice also became an accomplished author, having written several historical pieces, including an entry to the Starfleet Historical Review. Captain Jean-Luc Picard had read this article in 2366 and looked up some of her other works.

A major accomplishment for Janice was to become a Professor at Starfleet Academy before the age of 30. Starfleet liked to have their instructors have a stint of shipboard duty every once in a while, sort of a sabbatical. She requested for an assignment to the USS Enterprise-D as ship's historian and was accepted by Picard.

Janice was beamed over to the Enterprise from the USS Tsushima in 2367 and surprised Will. Even with the unease of their past relationship, Janice was able to provide invaluable insight when the descendants of the USS Verdun were found on Torgu-Va. This assistance led to the eventual cease-fire between the Human and Tarn forces still fighting on the planet. Janice was then assigned to serve on the negotiation & settlement team. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)