Jaricus was a Romulan Admiral in the 2290s.


Jaricus, in 2288, was sent by the Romulan Empire at behest of the Imperial Council to the Maroan Dominion to oversee an operation that would create an alliance between the Romulans and Maroans. In that capacity, he advised the Dominion's supreme leader Brekara during the operation to steal the Tabukans' warheads. He became impressed with her commanders, such as Horalt

Jaricus was disappointed at Brekara's son's behavior when Vodrin disobeyed his orders to return. After Vodrin's failed occupation, Jaricus then supported Brekara's plan to steal the warheads from their arsenal. However he objected Brekara personally leading the assault. Jaricus was disappointed when the the Enterprise-A and the Excelsior destroyed the warheads and told Brekara that his people do not offer second chances.(TOS - Tests of Courage comics: "Divide...and Conquer", "Battle Stations!", "Prisoners of War?", "Showdown!")

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