You may be looking for the Romulan Alidar Jarok.
For other uses, see Jarok.
"He was a great Vulcan with great ideals. And it is still not too late to tell him."
—'Surak' at Jarok's funeral.

Jarok was a male Vulcan who lived during the ancient times on his Vulcan when it was rife with warfare and violent emotions. He was known to had been one of two prized students of the philosopher T'Plana-Hath alongside a young Surak. Later, when Surak concluded that his people needed to change their ways - he debated the concept of complete pacifism by embracing logic in a path that later became known as Tu-Surak. Amongst his circle of colleagues was Jarok, Nirak and T'mor who all heard Surak's words.

It was during this time that the famous debates began between Jarok and Surak as the two disagreed on everything except for one concept; that emotions needed to be mastered. This eventually led to Jarok deciding to depart and meditate in the desert where he created his own path known as Tu-Jarok that did not involve the suppression of emotions but the mastery of the Inner Chorus. Jarok continued to live into the Time of Awakening when Surak pleaded with Tellus and the Children of Ket-Cheleb to stay on their homeworld but failed. It was known that Jarok often criticised Surak over his failure to convince Tellus and his warrior brethren to remain on Vulcan. Jarok died in the year 404 and Surak was known to had visited him during the funeral where he stated his respect and admiration for his philosophical rival. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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