Jas Holza was a Bajoran man who served as the adminstrator of Korto District which gave him a position in the Chamber of Ministers. After the Occupation of Bajor he would continue to represent Bajor at political events.

In 2318, Jas hosted the first Cardassians that set foot on Bajor because a contingent under Gul Danig Kell returned his lost scoutship, the Eleda. When they returned the ship, Jas asked the Cardassians to attend a dinner which they gladly did. At the same time, Jas entered an alliance with Kubus Oak, who was strongly in favor of increasing relations with the Cardassians.

In the following five years the Cardassians established numerous religious enclaves on Bajor which they used to house undercover soldiers. The first enclave was located in Korto. In 2323, there would be a terrorist attack on Cemba Station in which the Cardassian vessel Lhemor was detonated. The explosion was blamed on the Tzenkethi; Jas attended a meeting of the Chamber of Ministers afterward in which he was able to confirm Tzenkethi responsibility. Jas would then order his own personal ships to join a fleet from the Bajoran Space Guard which was sent on a reprisal mission against the Tzenkethi. This reprisal fleet was destroyed by Cardassian treachery. Jas's chief of staff, Lonnic Tomo, was killed in the attack, shaking Jas deeply and making him realize he had simply been following Kubus' wishes.

Shortly after the fleet's destruction, a Tzenkethi warship (under Cardassian control) attacked Bajor causing heavy damage to the entire planet. The capital, Ashalla, was heavily damaged and the Chamber was forced to meet in Jas' Naghai Keep for the meeting following the attack. It was during this meeting the Chamber approved a military base on Derna and a Cardassian military presence near Bajor.

In 2328, once the Cardassians had established their foothold on the planet, they invaded and took over the planet, beginning the Occupation. Despite the turmoil, Jas was able to escape from Bajor to Valo III and remained active into the 2360s, promoting the Bajoran cause. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers, TNG episode: "Ensign Ro")

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