Jason "Jase" Garrett was a male of Betazoid and Human heritage, the son of Rachel Garrett and Ven Kaldarren.

Jason was born in 2324 and was raised on Betazed, primarily by his father; meanwhile, Rachel served as a Starfleet officer, on the USS Carthage and then as captain of the USS Enterprise-C. Jason's parents divorced in 2333, when he was nine. Jason showed a strong interest in and talent for art as a youth.

In 2336, Jason and his father traveled to a planet near Cardassian space for an alleged xenoarchaeological mission. During the trip, Jason befriended an adolescent Naxeran named Pahl, and together, they discovered a burial site known by the original inhabitants as the Well of Souls. Tragically, Ven Kaldarren was killed after being attacked by the dithparu confined there.

Jason was rescued by his mother. Although the boy wished to remain with her on the Enterprise, she thought that he would be better off with his paternal grandmother Molaranna Kaldarren on Betazed. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Well of Souls)

Rachel was herself killed in 2344 as the Enterprise was responding to a Klingon distress call from Narendra III. (TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

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